No Way!

Website Issue Plus New Song!

Hi everyone.   Just wanted to let you know  that my website is having technical difficulties.  We are working to correct it  as soon as possible.  In the meantime, I am only able to stream three songs.  So I decided to give you a sneak preview at my newest song:  Cry, Lady, Cry.   This is just a guitar/vocal demo that i did today at home  so pardon the unpolished version.  I plan on getting it professionally recorded asap...  let me know  what  you think. Do you guys  like it?   Have a great New Year....   will keep you posted as to website stuff as it develops.   

Here are the lyrics:

 Cry, Lady, Cry

© Copyright 2009.  Weston James Music.


Words and Music by Weston James (BMI)



She never shed a tear for him, how well she hid her lie

Through all the years of hurt, she never left his side

She prayed someday he'd change; he finally did the day he died

The time has finally come, so cry Lady cry



Cry Lady cry, Cry Lady cry

Let the tears fall like pouring rain, and cleanse your soul tonight

Let the storm inside you rage until the early morning light, 

And heal the wounds he made, cry Lady lady

Cry no more for him, cry Lady cry



Silent all these years, was such a sacrifice

The weight of vows she once made bore a heavy price

Family, honor, well intact, she dared not compro mise

Tonight no veil to blind her eyes so cry Lady cry





Tomorrow, with the rising sun

You'll see that your life's just begun, so tonite just cry




You can live your life again, cry, lady, cry

Cry no more tears for him, cry, lady, cry


Latest Demo Sessions! Really cools stuff

Hey everyone,  I will be announcing a really cool plan with regards to my next album .  I'm working on it now.  Here are a few rough tracks of what is to come!  stay Tuned!



Caught Somewhere Between   -   rough mix  with scratch vocals


Whatever Comes Our Way  - rough mix with scratch vocals

In A Moment - rough mix with scratch vocals

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